Gregorian chants


Throughout the Ashley years, every Sunday from 7 a.m. till noon, guests who wandered into the snooker room heard Gregorian chants. This was what B.A. wanted -- it was an absolute, no question (we did it every Sunday), and shows his cultural background. A steamer trunk sat in the snooker room which housed a stereo system, and we (the porters) set up the cd's in the system so the chants would be heard.

The Last Supper!


In 1978, UVA invited a Professor of Ethics to spend a year teaching in the School of Religion. He and his wife were provided a membership at the country club. They invited my husband Herb and me to go to An Oyster Bash. Oysters were in every dish - peas, potatoes, etc. It was delicious! We learned this was the last night a supper would be served at the club. How sad!
Kitty Pickett

Skating on the rink


In 1969 twelve families entertained twelve students from Argentina, allowing them to live in their homes the month they were in Charlottesville. We tried to introduce them to many local activities. One family, which belonged to the Keswick Country Club, invited those who wanted to ice skate to go one morning. We skated on the steel pool, I think. Those without skates could rent them. When they tired, hot cocoa was served. Then we all returned to our homes.
Kitty Pickett

Keswick Pool


I remember fondly weekends at the pool with my Mother while Dad played golf. We always had the umbrella that backed up to the 10th tee, directly across from the cabanas, and Dad and his foursome would walk the short distance up to the pool to say hello to their wives and children as they made the turn. The "creek" at the bottom of the hill below the tee had marvelous things like tadpoles and such and we couldn't wait for the last golfer to pass so we could go down and explore!

The Rug in the Front Hall


Mr. Eways stopped by and was surprised to see the Persian Sultanabad rug that is in the great hall. He recognized it instantly as one that he and George & Linda Davies sold to Knox Turnbull in the mid 1960s when Knox was doing major renovations. Mr. Eways said the beautiful rug was made between 1890 and 1912, and must have been stored in a closet for years and brought out again during the Ashley renovations.

Bob Crawford's Draft Registration Card

pre-1912 through 1947

Though Bob Crawford's draft registration card is dutifully filled out at age 40, there is no evidence that he served in the First World War. He identified himself as a self-employed farmer, and named his wife as next of kin. Bob Crawford moved to Baltimore -- alone -- about the same time he registered. A year later he was found dead in his hotel room.

The Stevens Family at the Pool


These photos, from the family photo album of Donald Stevens, were taken in 1952.

The bubble over the new swimming pool


I remember a bubble over the new swimming pool along with the tennis court (in the winter) when Ralph Law was the coach. I remember the ice rink also which was put up in certain months right above the elliptical pool towards the main house. We joined right after Ralph Law was hired, and he brought other known swimmers in besides us.

Edie Ballard with KCC trophy


Edie Ballard is shown here with one of many silver-plated items her husband Chap won at Keswick Country Club golf tournaments in the early 1950s.

Diz and Bill's "lodge"


I am very impressed! What a great book! Don't know how you found the time for all the interviewing/ research, much less the time to organize it all..I spent much more time than I realized, randomly reading yesterday..I look forward to reading sequentially ... It was fun to see the pictures of the club, and especially of the pool, and mention of the cabanas...I learned that [my aunt and uncle] Diz and Bill's "lodge" was built as a "party house", rather than as a hunting lodge...Also, I didn't remember about the steel construction of the pool...