The Rug in the Front Hall


Mr. Eways stopped by and was surprised to see the Persian Sultanabad rug that is in the great hall. He recognized it instantly as one that he and George & Linda Davies sold to Knox Turnbull in the mid 1960s when Knox was doing major renovations. Mr. Eways said the beautiful rug was made between 1890 and 1912, and must have been stored in a closet for years and brought out again during the Ashley renovations.

We always enjoy our visits


As shareholders for many years of the Orient Express hotels we are delighted that you are contributing to show how Keswick Hall is one of the most beautiful and attractive of the Orient Express group. We always enjoy our visits and look forward to returning soon.

The settings are so real


We've had the privilege of reading your book from cover to cover and it's fantastic!! The settings are so real, as are the people about whom you write, that we feel as though we've been transported to places we've not visited in years and years. The book itself is beautifully set up and both a joy and a learning experience at the same time.

You done good.


WOW!!! What a nice book you have created. I haven't had time to read it all, but it is beautiful. You done good. Very good.

I never heard of a steel swimming pool, but that just shows you how much I know. I see you found a master page designer in Drew. Every page is well thought out and pleasant to look at.

I have read maybe 20 pages of The Story of Keswick Hall, and hope to read a lot more of it before long. You did well to gather all the old photos and background information.

Bob Reid at 98


Bob Reid, at 98 years old, is as much a character as ever. When I brought him a book and showed him his picture in it, I said to him, "Just so you know, I've quoted you quite a bit in there." He didn't miss a beat. Looked me right in the eye and said, "That'll cost you."

Mother of the Bride Chimes In


One very nice aspect of using Keswick was being able to let of any worry about guests [at my daughter's] wedding … knowing that they were going to experience a special and unique event, be able to be with each other throughout the weekend (Keswick could handle many), and receive some of the best service(and views) that Virginia has to offer. They were certainly not at a hotel that is the same everywhere in the US (Generica)! I was also able to relax, be truly present for our friends and relatives, and enjoy the weekend … even though I live just outside of Charlottesville.